Ever wanted to duck out of the office for a snooze? An Auckland gym has introduced a purpose-built "power nap room".

The 151 Corporate Health Club says the concept is proving a hit. Clients include those seeking a break from work stress and others worse for wear after a night out.

The idea comes from a global trend of embracing the power nap as a way to increase productivity.

Google has futuristic-looking "sleep pods" in its offices. And in Japan, sleeping at work, called inemuri, is encouraged.


The gym, on the corner of Queen and Wyndham streets, features a reclining electric massage chair and snoozers are given a blanket, eye mask and pillow. It is free for gym members or $20 for non-members. The sessions generally last up to 30 minutes.

"I've heard that some people use the room instead of sleeping in their car, which they normally do. It's obviously more comfortable than that," Club co-owner Mike Baker said.

Central Auckland writer and technology consultant Matt McEvoy lived in Spain where he became accustomed to an afternoon shut-eye and is now a club regular.

"Rather than filling up on a big jug of coffee, why not just have a 20-minute nap instead? It makes a lot more sense."