An Australian sexologist will pitch her explicit sex education course - which features topics such as pornography, consent, rape and teen pregnancy - to Kiwi educators.

The "whole person" programmes, used in 40 schools across the Ditch, may end up here if teachers and principals who attend the workshops like the material.

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Sexologist Liz Walker, who begins her workshops in Auckland tomorrow, said she had been working towards coming to New Zealand after reading about the Roastbusters case, where a group of young men posted videos of themselves online boasting about having sex with drunk, underage girls.


"Roastbusters didn't surprise me," Ms Walker said. "My point of view is that we're going to see more incidents like this if we don't equip teens to deconstruct the messages they're receiving from pornography and social media."

While a number of sex educators, as well as teachers and counsellors, would attend the workshops, experts said there was no need to import a course from overseas.

Instead, they repeated the call for comprehensive, mandatory sex education based on resources already available.

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