Anyone who has read any of my previous mummy-related lists will know I got a big shock at how hard and tiring parenthood could be. Some of the time, knowing other mums were going through a similar experience to me, made things so much easier.

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Here are four of my favourite Kiwi mummy bloggers:

1. No Mum is an Island

A mum of two who talks about all aspects of motherhood, the good, the bad and the downright grotty.


"On this blog you won't find apple pies, gloaty stories about the clever thing my kid did today, or any attempt to portray our home life as you'd find it in a magazine."

I particularly enjoyed this entry where she decided a children's picture book was simply an introduction to criminal law.

2. Modern Mothercraft

This is a fabulous blog by a very clever mummy. I say this, because I often agree with the sentiments contained within this blog. I especially love this post: Things parents shouldn't say to each other.Number four is worth quoting.

"You're at home with the kids? Oh I'd love to do that but need to use my brain. OR You're a working mum? No, that's not for me, I'd miss my kids too much. As a disclaimer, I am aware women have civilised and pleasant conversations about the working issue all of the time, and have had many myself. As a rule, though, it's a minefield. Especially when a certain smarmy tone is adopted when saying either of the above. At best, you'll make the recipient angry. At worst, you'll make them feel really bad about themselves.

"It's such a shame that so many people aren't able to recognize that someone making a different decision to them doesn't make their rationale for doing things their way any less worthy. Most parents just want what's best for their kids and their family, and decisions about work and childcare aren't made lightly. I've been a working mum and I've been a stay at home mum and both have their highs and lows, and neither decision justifies scorn and judgement."

Modern Mothercare looks at information given to new mums in the 1940s via a book published by the Royal New Zealand Society for the Health of Women and Children (Plunket).

3. Have kids, they said. It'll be fun, they said.

Child rearing. The true story.

A great blog by a mum of 3 who talks honestly about life at home bringing up her brood. I love her interactions with Princess - her 4-year-old who sounds very similar to my 4-year-old. Honest, witty writing that will resonate with most mums.


4. The Knocked up stripper

"From lappys to nappies"

A blog by Miss Whiskey, a seductive party animal who lived life in nine-inch heels...until she got pregnant.

"And that was that. The glamorous Miss Whiskey who travelled, drank champagne, smoked cigars and earned ridiculous cash for dancing in gentlemen's clubs was no more. In her place sat a nervous, lonely little girl cuddling a stuffed toy, wondering who she was. I felt as though I'd been unfairly plonked onto an uncharted planet with no choice in the matter."

Miss Whiskey writes beautiful, sometimes sentimental, always honest blogs.