recently so she could fit into her shoes on her wedding day. The "Loub job" procedure is one of many extreme measures that some people will embrace to shape and sculpt their bodies into a perceived ideal.

Here are 10 extreme, bizarre and painful plastic surgeries:

1. Feet and toe plastic surgery

For those people who don't like the look of their feet, there are plenty of plastic surgery options available to change them. Not only is there toe liposuction for those who don't like the look of their little sausages (or toebeisty), but toe shortening, toe lengthening and even toe removal - a choice for some people who wish to slip their feet into pointy shoes with ease. For the feet as a whole, Botox can be injected to minimise sweat or fillers added to reduce the pain of wearing high heels.

2. Asian (Double Eyelid) blepharoplasty

Not having an upper eyelid crease is deemed a problem for some people, so they have surgery to add one in. According to a New Zealand plastic surgeon, it "can improve the appearance of this area to give a more aesthetically pleasing appearance to the eyes."


3. Six-pack abdominals

If your one-pack is in need of shaping, then some plastic surgeons offer a procedure that can give an instant six-pack (or even eight-pack). By suctioning away the fat and shrinking the skin, the abdominal area can give the definition some people crave.

4. Tongue patch

The tongue patch is the brainchild of Nikolas Chugay, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. It is for people who can't help but, you know, eat. An abrasive piece of Marlex (generally used as a reinforcing mesh in hernia repair) is stitched onto the tongue, making eating solid food an incredibly painful experience. This forces hungry stomachs to rely on a liquid-only diet. They stay on for a month and can cause speech difficulties.

Watch Nikolas Chugay explain the procedure here.

5. The grin lift

Happy people with an unhappy face can turn their frown upside down with a grin lift. While some people naturally have lips that point downwards, it also happens as we age, and it can look like a permanent scowl. The surgery involves the removal of skin triangles from the corner of the mouth, causing it to lift.

Watch plastic surgeon Dr Anthonly Youn demonstrate the Grin Lift here.

6. Dimple creation

Miranda Kerr has them, so does Cheryl Cole and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, but for those who don't have the good fortune for a smile with dimples, plastic surgeons can rectify the situation. A comparably minor surgery, it takes about twenty minutes to make a small cut on the inside of the mouth and a punch biopsy instrument that makes circular motions - it removes a core of fat and muscles, leaving the appearance of dimples.

7. Labiaplasty

Some women are unhappy with how their labia looks, and labiaplasty or labial reduction genitoplastic surgery sculpts and reshapes them to achieve the desired look. According to Mr Murray Beagley's website, "The most commonly requested Labiaplasty surgery is reduction of the inner labia (minora) to avoid protrusion beyond the outer labia (majora) . Other Labiaplasty surgeries performed include clitoral hood reduction, labia majora reduction and symmetrisation of the labia".

Watch: Labiaplasty - Creating the perfect vagina?

EXCLUSIVE: More and more New Zealand women are undergoing plastic surgery to change their genital appearance. While reasons for the surgery, called labiaplasty, vary from woman to woman, it is often those who have felt uncomfortable with their genitalia for years. spoke to one such woman, a plastic surgeon and their critics.

8. Ear pointing

Also known as "elfing", some people love the look of elves or Star Trek's Mr Spock so much that they want ears to match. The procedure is irreversible and involves slicing the top of the cartilage of the ear and then sewing it back together into a point. The procedure appeals to those who like "body modification", or "body modders" as they are sometimes known, and is performed by tattoo and piercing artists.

9. Armpit surgery

Some people sweat - a lot - and this is a condition known as hyperhidrosis. Sufferers may feel embarrassed and may even have issues performing day-to-day activities. They may opt for surgical procedures, such as the removal of sweat glands via laser, liposuction or scraping them out.

10. Palm surgery

Change your palm lines and change your future... or something. Proponents of palmistry believe that the course of the future is plotted along the lines of the palm. Some people are unhappy with the hand that nature gifted and are taking to surgery to change their palms. An electric scalpel burns the flesh, etching out new lines and a new future. Maybe.