What the A to Z of winter wellness is all about

When the chill factor drops our focus on good health often drifts. Not only are we more susceptible to nasty winter lurgies, but the temptation to hibernate can mean less moving and not as much focus on the right food for optimal health. In a bid to stay focused (or re-focus) this winter, we've called on the smarts of holistic health expert, Dr Libby Weaver to help compile our interactive A to Z of Winter Wellness. Each weekday we will reveal the next letter and what it stands for in our health file, plus informative graphics and recipe suggestions to help boost your health. Check in to Life & Style every afternoon for your winter wellness inspiration. Herewith our first entry, A for Antioxidants.

- Nicky Park, Life & Style Editor

A | Antioxidants by Dr Libby Weaver

"Antioxidants are the first line of defence to protect the body from free radical damage - and free radicals are how we age from the inside out. We obtain antioxidants from eating the right foods, and these substances donate oxygen to pair up with the free radical cells, preventing damage to the body. This helps keep our skin glowing, our blood vessels healthy and stop free radicals from damaging other much needed molecules in our blood. The health of our blood drives so much of our health and energy. We get antioxidants from coloured plant foods, so try and eat a rainbow of different plant-based foods every day."

Dr Libby Weaver (Ph.D) is one of Australasia's leading nutrition specialists and weight loss experts based in Auckland, New Zealand. For more information visit www.drlibby.com.