If you regularly reach for a hangover cure, just be thankful you don't live in Mongolia. Instead of a traditional fry up, you'd be reaching for a glass of tomato juice and pickled sheep eyeballs.

That's according to graphic design agency NeoMam in Manchester, which has created a set of infographics describing the strangest hangover cures from around the world.

The least offensive is the English eggs, sausages and bacon, which according to the graphic helps the liver replenish lost electrolytes because of its high protein, fat and salt content.

The efficacy of some other countries' traditional cures are slightly more dubious - including Hungary's traditional cure of sparrow droppings in brandy.


The caption on the infographic points out that bird poo can introduce parasites to the body can cause disease. So perhaps best to give that one a miss.

The Ancient Greek recipe of sheep's lungs and owl eggs sounds equally unappealing but apparently has some underlying benefits.

These cheap sources of protein may have worked wonders for Alexander the Great and his cronies as the amino acid's in the protein help break down the ethanol in the liver.

Another suggestion - enough to put you off drinking for life - is Italy's offering of 'pizzle', the private parts of a bull.

It may not sound like something you fancy nibbling on on a Sunday morning but the remedy comes highly indorsed.

According to the graphic, athletes at the Beijing Olympics requested this delicacy to give them stamina due to its super-high mineral, vitamin and hormone content.

The traditional remedy from the Philippines involves poaching fertilised duck eggs.

The more appealing options, if eyeballs and other interesting body parts aren't your cup of tea, include Namibia's Buffallo milk, a mixture of cream, clotted cream, rum and liqueurs, and New Zealand's traditional serving of mince and cheese pie with chocolate milk.


Designer Danny Ashton, whose agency originally created these inforgraphics for their client cheapflights.co.uk, admits he hasn't tried most of these recipes first hand.

"We've all tried an English fry up but the other remedies we researched online. Funnily enough no one was keen to try out the birds droppings," he said.

12 Curious Cures for a Hangover

12 Curious Cures for a Hangover [Infographic] by the team at Cheapflights

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