When you're as beautiful as Angelina Jolie, maybe you don't ask anyone "how do I look?" before you go out.

If only she had. Because when the 38-year-old actress arrived at a film premiere, her makeup was less than perfect. In fact, an unsightly splodge of white face powder was caked along her chin and sprinkled along her shoulder.

You might think the makeup experts who prepared her might have noticed. Or that Jolie herself might have checked a mirror before sailing out into a sea of flashing cameras in New York.

Quite what the problem was remains unclear, but it looks like an over-generous helping of loose powder foundation that hadn't been blended in properly.


Some highlighting powders, usually invisible on the skin, become apparent under flash photography, which may have been the case here.

Jolie is certainly not the only star to have been caught out this way. Uma Thurman, 44, and Nicole Kidman, 46, have had similar make-up mishaps.

- Daily Mail