Locks-lopping New Zealand legend Rodney Wayne is set to turn heads internationally with French beauty giant L'Oreal recognising the veteran stylist.

A French film director flew into the country last week to get footage for a documentary recognising Wayne's contribution to the styling business.

During filming in the busy Downtown Auckland shopping salon — where Wayne gets his own hair cut — the managing director revealed there was one style in his 40-year career he loathed.

"It was the anti-gravity shape. I hated it. It was the ugliest thing that ever happened to the beautiful form of a woman's head."


The style featured a flat crown with high front and nape.

Thankfully the 70s cut was short-lived, he said.

Some 40 years later, hair fashion was about shiny, beautiful hair that was free and natural.

Length was variable and styling suited the individual rather than replicating a single cut, said Wayne.

Kiwi international singing sensation Lorde, with her naturally full, long locks, epitomised the new direction.

"I think it's fantastic that she has natural volume hair and she lets it go there."

The film, to be showcased internationally by L'Oreal, features four stylists from all points of the globe who have re-invented their businesses to meet the challenges of the industry.

Wayne said part of his success lay with helping people look and feel good, and replicating the experience at salons throughout the country.


He said his group was one of the fastest-growing hairdressing franchises in the Southern Hemisphere with a 50 per cent turnover in retail sales.