The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge landed in Wellington today accompanied by an entourage of staff including Prince George's new nanny, Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo, 43.

Hired less than a month ago, the Spaniard was pictured today for the first time with the royal party as she got off the Royal New Zealand Air Force jet.

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Also there to help the Cambridges on their three-week tour of New Zealand were Kate's private hairdresser, two private secretaries, a personal assistant, and a former British ambassador to Washington who is there to advise the royal couple.


But despite having to coordinate around 32 changes of dress during the trip to New Zealand and Spain, the duchess has not taken a dresser, preferring to organise her wardrobe herself.

While most of the Cambridges' staff are relatively old hands, Miss Borrallo's introduction to her new job will be something of a baptism by fire as she keeps her eight-month-old charge fed, watered, rested and happy.

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She will also take full charge on at least two nights, first this Sunday when they will go without him to Dunedin, and then on 22 April when they visit Uluru, or Ayer's Rock.

Miss Borrallo, from Palencia, 140 miles north of Madrid, descended the steps onto the runway at Auckland today with three longer-standing assistants to the royal couple: David Manning, Miguel Head and Rebecca Deacon.

And not forgetting the royal nanny. Stood to left here with Rebecca Deacon Kate's private secretary #royaltournz

Sir David Manning, 64, the former British ambassador to the US, was appointed adviser to the Duke of Cambridge five years ago ahead of his first foreign tour, a short trip to New Zealand in 2010.

William's private secretary, 37-year-old Mr Head, was also on that trip, and joined Prince William and Harry's private office in 2009 after working his way up from the Ministry of Defence press office who acted as a liaison officer when the younger prince served in Afghanistan.

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Miss Deacon, 32, known as Becca, is Kate's private secretary and a close and trusted confidante for the duchess. She will be on hand to advise Prince George's new nanny should she have any questions during the high profile foreign trip.

But the Spaniard's training at the prestigious Norland College, where fees cost nearly £13,000 per year, will have prepared her well for the job.

The internationally-renowned nanny school drew up a shortlist of suitable candidates after the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge approached them looking for a nanny for Prince George, from which the royal couple chose the low-key Spaniard.

They decided to hire a nanny after relying on help from the Duchess' mother, Carole Middleton, and the Duke's former nanny, Jessie Webb, 71.

Miss Borrallo, who is thought to be the first foreign nanny chosen to look after a future British monarch, comes from a smart family of high achievers in Palencia, 140 miles north of Madrid.

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When her parents, Luis and Maria Teresa, married in a glamorous Roman Catholic ceremony in Madrid in 1967, the wedding was reported in the society pages of Spain's royalist right-wing daily newspaper, ABC.

Miss Borrallo, who like her siblings was born in Madrid, is the only girl in a family of four children, with brothers named Ignacio, Luis and Pablo.

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Ignacio is a viola and violin teacher in Spain's Castile and Leon region, Luis is a Catholic deacon in the south of France, and Pablo is a teacher.

Their father, a well-known engineer, died of cancer but their mother, a housewife who also teaches disabled children, still lives in the spacious family apartment in the centre of Palencia, to which they moved from Madrid in the 1980s.

Nicknamed Santa, which means Saint, when she was young, Miss Borrallo was expected to become a nun by childhood friends who said the shy, serious child was a 'good person' with an austere lifestyle who never showed any interest in boys.

The devoutly Catholic family attended Mass nearly every day, and Miss Borrallo had extra coaching from a neighbour to help her overcome her struggles in chemistry, physics and maths for her baccalaureate exams.

Neighbours said the young girl was not a 'short skirt type', and never seemed to go through the typically rebellious teenage phase.

"She was a girl distinct from the rest who hardly had any friends and didn't show any interest in boys", said a neighbour. "We all thought she would end up becoming a nun."

Instead, a passion for children drove her first to take a degree in teaching in Spain, before moving to Britain more than 20 years ago to learn English and pursue a career in childcare.

She is believed to have worked for families in Britain before taking the job at Kensington Palace, and has been seen pushing Prince George in his pram in Kensington Gardens, wearing a jumper and trousers and with her hair in a ponytail.

Her mother said recently: "I am very proud of my daughter, that's all I can say. On the personal front, and professionally, my daughter couldn't be better."

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Team Cambridge: Who will help William and Kate

Sir David Manning:

The 64-year-old former diplomat was suggested as a mentor for William by the Queen, who had a similar older adviser, 'Boy' Browning, to guide her as Queen in waiting. Sir David, a key adviser to Tony Blair in the run-up to the Iraq war, was UK Ambassador to Washington from 2003-2007, and is seen as a safe pair of hands.

Miguel Head: The 37-year-old minor public schoolboy from Essex is much liked by William and Harry, who describe him as 'fun'. Brought up in suburban London and schooled in Essex, Mr Head's previous experience at the MoD gives him a shared insight into William's military background.

Rebecca Deacon: The well-spoken Newcastle University graduate got to know William when she helped with the planning for the 2007 Concert for Diana and has since become a close ally of his wife. The daughter of an Army major, at 32 Becca is close in age to Kate, who trusts her totally.

Amanda Cook Tucker: One of Prince George's first visitors in hospital (she met him before the Middletons did), 'Mandy' Cook Tucker did Kate's hair before she came out of hospital after George was born last July. Once married to hairdresser Neville Tucker, whose Knightsbridge salon held a Royal Warrant from 1980-1994, she has cut William's and Harry's hair since they were children and is trusted in royal circles.

Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo: Prince George's new nanny comes from a monied, educated but low-profile family in northern Spain and is not expected to be fazed by her new position. With a love of paella and a passion for childcare, she is said to have worked hard to achieve her new job.

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