Wattie's Mexican Chilli with Jalapeno Peppers $3.99 for 400g

Many people want to eat a healthy diet but say they don't have the time. Which is fair enough because we don't all have the time to slow cook or chop and dice vegetables at the end of a long day.

But if you have time to read an ingredients label then that is a good start to choosing the healthiest food for you at the supermarket.

Beans can be a pain to cook at home.

First you have to remember to soak them overnight and then cook them for just the right amount of time before flavouring them with a sauce.


This product attracted me because it makes a great base for nachos, or to serve with eggs on top for a flash breakfast or just a quick snack or lunch at work.


Mexican Sauce (50%)

Tomatoes (puree and diced) - We all know that tomatoes are a terrific health food with good levels of lycopene which is a powerful antioxidant which may prevent cells from damage.

Red peppers (7%) - Otherwise known as capsicum, these are a great vegetable for vitamins C and A.

Onion (3%) - This will most likely be in here for flavouring.

Sugar - This product contains about half the sugar of an ordinary can of baked beans, which is great. Per 200g serve of this you will get 8.8g of sugar or just over two teaspoons, a 200g portion of baked beans will give you 16g or just under four teaspoons.

Jalapeno peppers (1.1%) - These give a bit of spice to the flavour. This is quite hot, but not over the top.

Cornflour - In here for thickening the sauce.


Salt - Not too bad on salt. You will get 500mg of sodium per 200g serve.


Red Chillies (0.4%)


Yeast Extract - This is similar to Marmite and will be in here for flavour.

Garlic - Food acids (acetic acid, citric acid)


Mineral salt (calcium chloride) - Calcium chloride is a common salt.

Mixed Beans (50%)

Red Kidney - Beans are a very nutritious choice because they have good levels or protein, calcium and folate and also good levels of carbohydrate. You'll get 15g of protein per 200g serve of these beans.

And they have lots of fibre which helps slow down the digestion rate, meaning you have more energy for longer. They are also high in iron and contain phosphorus, magnesium and copper.

A meal of beans instead of meat once a week - Meatless Monday perhaps - is a great choice for your family.

Pinto - Pinto beans are a close relative of the kidney bean and have similar nutritional benefits.

My recommendations

Wattie's has produced a bean product with half the sugar found in baked beans and it has kept it low in fat, without artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

These are great served over corn chips (unflavoured) with grated cheese for a quick meal of nachos.

Or you can combine them with rice or couscous or just eat them on their own.

It's a good idea to look at alternative protein sources other than meat to include in your diet and these are a great option.

And a lifesaver if you have vegetarian kids.