Justin Bieber, reality TV and bad spelling - these are the three things that Kiwis hate most about modern life.

Inspired by a recent Independent article we asked NZ Herald online readers to pick the four things that got their blood boiling.

We offered 50 suggestions to select from based on the Brit's list of niggles - topped by self-service check-outs (nine on our list) followed by styrofoam cups (??) and mobile phone ring tones (which didn't make our top 15, strangely). Over 900 people cast their vote online last week and Bieber came out trumps (he was 45 on the Indy list).

It appears that technology was the seed of most of our stresses - six things in the top 15 could be blamed on internet and mobile devices, including headphones leaking music, texting while walking and the #selfie sensation.


Not surprisingly, road rage inspired a couple of the top 15 - people who drive slow in the passing lane and the bad traffic in Auckland made an appearance at six and seven.

Don't get your knickers in a twist, but here is the the top 15 things that annoy you most, as picked by readers. Do you agree with this list? Are you guilty of liking any of the things mentioned? Let us know in the comment section below.
The most annoying things about modern life:

1. Justin Bieber
2. Reality TV
3. Poor Grammar/Spelling
4. Slow Internet
5. Sales Calls
6. Driving Slow in the Passing Lane
7. Traffic in Auckland
8. Selfies
9. Self Service Check-Outs
10. Headphones Leaking Loud Music
11. Texting While Walking
12. Americanisms
13. Text Speak
14. Foreign Call Centres
15. Mobile Phone Battery Life

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