In the mood for some large animal action? This is your weekend.

Butterfly Creek Dinosaur Park Opening

It's been a long time since dinosaurs roamed our turf. This weekend the folks at Butterfly Creek have upped the scaly things with teeth from their crocodiles and alligators to some 40 dinosaurs - roaring animatronics that are scarily real, including a massive tyrannosaurus rex, triceratops and diplodocus. Check out the fossil skeleton replicas, take part in dinosaur activities, win prizes and more. Scaaaary.

Details: Open 7 days, 9am to 5.30pm. Adults $27, kids $16, under 3s free. Visit here for more info.
Shark attack at Kelly Tarlton's

If all those shark warnings on the Coromandel have you staying out of the water, it's time to check out Kelly Tarlton's new state-of-the-art interactive shark mission zone. Play interactive games, experience spectacular 360 degree visuals and learn fascinating facts about this misunderstood species. With New Zealand's leading shark research programme to track these creatures in the wild, follow a quest trail and view the sharks in Australasia's largest display colony.


Details: Visit the website here.
Beasts on screen

Take a big screen adventure in the 3D Walking with Dinosaurs movie. Seriously set in the Late Cretaceous period (look it up: 70 million years ago) computer animated dinosaurs are seamlessly blended into real landscapes shot in Alaska and New Zealand. Nothing scary here (or plenty of warning so you can hide, if there is) this is one for the kids. An air conditioned theatre and an icecream is one way to beat the summer heat.

Details: Check out our review here and visit your local cinema website for session times.

Dariush Lolaiy and Rebecca Smidt from game restaurant Cazador in Balmoral. Photo / Babiche Martens.
Dariush Lolaiy and Rebecca Smidt from game restaurant Cazador in Balmoral. Photo / Babiche Martens.

Edible beasties

We'll have to wait til Monday to head to the newly renovated Cazador, one of Auckland's only game restaurants. Chef Dariush Lolaiy and his wife Rebecca Smidt have spent the summer renovating the family restaurant they took over last year, adding a bar. The 80s have gone from the décor then. Vegos don't bother turning up for the super-interesting bar snacks (chicken hearts, venison livers). Dariush has the grill fired up for roast Denver legs of venison, and chargrilled fillets of wild razorback boar. Beasts you can eat. We like.

Details: To book a table email or call 09 6208730.
This weekend's weather:

All eyes are on the tropics as a sub-tropical low drops south towards New Zealand. While it only has moderate chances of briefly becoming a cyclone it does bring a threat to northern New Zealand of rain and gales early next week. However the exact path of the worst weather is still unclear, for that reason we’re advising people to keep up to date with weather forecasts across the weekend. We also take a look at the cold change hitting the South Island at the moment and the weather for the Big Day Out in Auckland.

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