Here's a great Christmas idea to keep kids of all ages busy this summer - a simple-to-make work or tool bench. This will show the youngsters a few basic skills, such as how to hammer in nails, and straight, without hitting their fingers, so soon they'll be creating their own DIY projects.

Step 1

Measure and mark your 50x50mm framing timber with the aid of a square, then cut along the waste side of the line. Cut two back legs at 1500mm and two front legs at 650mm high. Now cut two bottom rails at 400mm and two top rails at 450mm.

Step 2


Mark up about 50mm on the front and back legs and 650mm on the back legs with the aid of a square, then position the bottom rail between the legs above the pencil mark and pre-drill in the centre before fixing and counter-sinking, using 70mm screws. Now position the top rail above the pencil mark and fix into the pre-drilled holes. Next, sit the top rail on to the front leg, keeping it flush, before fixing it to the pre-drilled hole in the rail.

Step 3

With both sides complete, cut and fix in a front and back rail at 1100mm to fit flush. Next, measure, mark and cut your sheet of ply to length for the top, front and back 1200mm. Next, cut the top piece to fit flush with the front legs and fix down, using 30mm evenly spaced screws.

Step 4

Measure and cut the backboard to fit on the top piece and sit flush with the top of the legs, then fix in position with evenly spaced screws. Next, cut the front piece to 100mm, then fix in place keeping it flush with the top.

Step 5

Measure and cut your top cap with a 50mm overhang at either end, then fix in place with an even overhang front and back to the back legs.

Step 6

Measure and cut to length enough pieces of decking to fit flush with the bottom rails, then fix the decking, evenly spaced apart, with screws or nails.

Step 7

With the workbench complete, position the tools along the backboard and screw in the hooks, pre drill a 2mm hole for ease of fixing.


Use a straight edge clamped at either end as a guide to run the skill saw along the waste side of the pencil mark for a nice straight cut.

Trace an outline around the tools when hung for ease of placement.

Paint the back board before assembly.


50x50mm pine (frame)
100x25mm pine decking (shelves)
13mm sheet of ply
150x25mm pine (top cap)
Screw hooks
70mm 30mm screws
40mm nails
Kids' tools and tool belt


Skill saw
Tape measure
Screw gun
Drill bit 2mm-4mm
Paint brush