Rookie cooks from across the country have show they've got the skills to craft a perfect pavlova.

There are two wings of the annual Nosh Pavlova Competition - and all categories in the major Mt Eden edition were taken out by chefs aged under 16.

Legendary New Zealand foodies Lauraine Jacobs and Nici Wickes were on hand to judge 60 classic Kiwi desserts yesterday.

"From a food writer's point of view we were tremendously encouraged by the standard of entries," Jacobs said.

At just 15-years-old, high school student Jada Mandery from Parnell won the adult categrory with a traditional pav topped with seasonal fresh berries and cream.


"The pavlova is not easy to cook and I'd go as far to say the future is very exciting from the aspect of encouraging young people to put on a pinny and give it a go - long live the pav," Jacobs said.

In the alternative category - which encourages cooks to get creative - 16-year-old Claudia Frew won the judges over with a rosewater meringue with pomegranate cream, topped with fresh raspberries, pomegranate seeds and rose petals.

Check out Claudia's winning recipe here on Food Hub.

The kid's category - for cooks aged under 14 - was won by first-time cooking comp contestant, Nia Cherrington, for her pav topped with cream, blueberries, strawberries and passion fruit.

A second small competition runs at Constellation Drive.

Full list of winners:
Mt Eden
1. Jada Mandery,
2. Monique Elven
3. Michaela Casey

1. Claudia Frew
2. Courtney Anderson
3. Pauline Senior - (came 1st in adults category last year)

1. Nia Cherrington
2. Rebecca Fong
3. Emma Harkness


Constellation Drive
1. Carolyn Russell
2. Mary Wood
3. Catherine MacGregor

1. Fiona Corkin
2. Yvonne Hansen
3. Diane House

1. Isabella Sole
2. Alana Herd