Dita Von Teese says all women should practise seduction in their everyday life in order to become a "truly great seductress".

The burlesque star told Vogue Australia she will never walk around in front of a man "buck-naked and flat-footed", because there's no mystery to it.

Von Teese is in Australia to launch her new lingerie collection, which is sold through Myer.

When it comes to sensuality and seduction, Von Teese told Vogue she adheres to advice from a respected French female friend.


"It's really not about wearing a tiny, skimpy outfit and trotting around. Real lingerie places a lot of significance in the shape and being body-flattering."

The siren says all women should practise seduction in their home until they've perfected their art.

"Don't save it for a rainy day," she said.

"You need practice, and then it doesn't seem like you're putting it on for someone, which you shouldn't be.

"You should be doing things because you enjoy it and you like revelling in the art of being a woman."

Von Teese says the growing popularity of erotic novels like Fifty Shades of Grey show that women are increasingly open to trying new things.

"When I first started posing for pin-ups and creating fetish photos and doing my burlesque shows, I was like, 'How can I do this thing some people might think is low class or too racy, in a way that shows them that it's not, and that it has an artistic quality to it?'

"That should be the same truth for other women in their own life, with their own sexuality."

The burlesque star adds she prefers not to employ a team of stylists and hairdressers to prepare her for shoots and shows, because she wants to inspire women to do it themselves.

"It's the same with lingerie, glamour isn't just for the special people - it's for anyone who wants it," she says.

- AAP, Cover Media