This week on Life & Style we had heaps of stuff to give away to you guys, and great stories to match. Style File came with tickets to Taste of Auckland happening next weekend. Holistic health expert Dr Libby Weaver lent us an extract about sweetners from her new book and gave you the chance to win a book pack from her. And, the health nuts at little bird Organics offered one reader the one day detox that I tested.

We had loads of entries, congrats to all our winners!

This weekend, we're heading along to Art in the Dark so we've shone a light on Ponsonby and shared a couple of our favourite dining spots.

And, next week, the New Zealand Herald celebrates 150 years so we're going to reflect in Life & Style - Rebecca Kamm will share what it was like for women 150 years ago and we have a cool carousel taking you through fashion over the years.

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Have a great weekend!

- Nicky Park, Life & Style Editor