Herald Rating: 5/5
Address: 1A Summer St, Ponsonby

We came here because

we're fans of the original Little Bird raw food eatery in Kingsland and were excited to hear of a local addition.

Parking was not a problem because we walked, but if you're on wheels, parking in Ponsonby can be a bit of a nightmare.

We walked in and immediately thought it looked light, fresh and fabulous and made us feel the same. The awesome design fits perfectly with the wholesome Little Bird philosophy.


The most unusual thing on the menu is hard to pick - the entire menu is pretty unusual since none of the food is cooked. Other customers were so curious they were leaning across to ask us about our choices.

We ordered an antioxidant-rich acai bowl to share, the Carter's handmade sprouted bread - sprouted buckwheat, flax and coconut cooked at low temperatures - topped with creamy balsamic mushrooms and walnut and kale pesto ($15) and raw bread bagels with avocado, kraut, alfalfa and tahini and smoked "lox" with cashew cream cheese, capers, cucumber and alfalfa. Our insides were glowing with good health.

The coffee was like nothing I've ever had before. It's all fair trade, organic, filtered coffee. We opted for a a flask of Chemex coffee (a hot version of cold drip water-filtered coffee that boasts 70 per cent less acid and 25 per cent less caffeine) and a side of hazelnut milk ($7.50).

The service was young, happy and full of beans.

We recommend if you come here you go for a walk first to get the blood pumping and you'll leave feeling so darn healthy.

Overall we thought we're so lucky to have this little gem in our neck of the woods.