Be sun-smart this summer and take note of these useful tips to protect yourself from harmful UV rays

Being sun-smart has never been more important than it is today. Every year hundreds of people die prematurely on account of damage caused by the sun, and thousands more are diagnosed with melanoma. We can't be too careful protecting ourselves and our loved ones from harm in the sun.

1. Slip - Slip on a shirt to protect your upper body from sunburn. This is the very best way to protect the top half, and so simple too. And it's an effective way to protect the bits you can't always reach on your own.

2. Slop - Slop on the 30+ sunscreen, liberally wallow in it. And make sure your lotion hasn't passed its use-by date, or been exposed to too much extreme heat in a car, as that can mess with its usefulness.

3. Slap - No people, this is not an excuse to slap your mates, rather it means slap a hat on your head to protect your pretty face. The bigger the brim the better, because nothing says "ageing badly" more loudly than a sun-ravaged dial.


4. Wrap - This is a new-ish addition to the sun smart message, and reminds us to wrap on some sunglasses, to protect our eyes from the sun. And not just for comfort, but because damage to the peepers is as dangerous as frying to the skin. So break out the shades when you're not in the shade.

5. Slide - Newest of all, to us at least (thanks Miss Hobson from Room 27), even when you've followed the four previous steps, during the hottest part of the day slide into the shade.

This is the perfect time to take up napping because siestas save lives.