Cooking doesn't have to be hard, as laid-back Australian chef Bill Granger proves in his latest cookbook

What is it about Bill Granger that just makes you think of summer holidays, lounging by the pool/beach/under a tree eating cool, simple food? He should be a busy boy - he has three restaurants in Sydney, four in Japan and the hottest new breakfast spot in London to run, has chalked up 10 cookbooks and the telly series to go with them, and started a weekly column with the Independent on Sunday. Throw in relocating a family of young 'uns to London, and for good measure, a new puppy, and the man is still smiling. Perhaps it's the blonde Aussie sun-god good looks, the pretty table and kitchen settings he uses to prop his food that make you too think you can take everything in its stride.

But really it is that Bill cooks like most home cooks: here's a bag of rice or a tin of beans, now how do I turn this into a meal, quickly? Bill's latest book Easy is arranged just like your pantry or fridge, with great recipes that are so laid-back they're practically horizontal.

Take this book away on holiday, use it when you really can't be bothered doing a grocery shop and just want to whip up something out of nothing, or when the crowds descend and you need to do a loaves and fishes act.

Truly, Bill Granger is your man. His next book should be called Lie Down Quietly.


These recipes are perfect for the barbecue, the pork a great change from the usual chicken or beef. Use the newest stonefruit as it comes into season for the streusel cake.

Easy by Bill Granger, $55, published by Harper Collins.