Brad Pitt has defended his decision to become the first male face of the iconic perfume Chanel No. 5.

Pitt stars in a TV ad for the Chanel perfume which has now become the subject of numerous parodies.

Questioned on whether he thinks the campaign is overly dramatic Pitt said he's rather fond of his work for No.5.

"I kind of liked it! It was my director friend of mine who filmed it and there will be many different versions coming out that were made from it," Pitt told Access Hollywood.


Pitt says he hasn't seen any of the parodies but doesn't begrudge anyone for poking fun at the ads.

"You know I've been overseas so blissfully protected and unaware of them... I say fair play, fair play to the parodies but no I haven't seen them."

The Hollywood star says he chose to be part of the campaign because he respects what Chanel does.

"I respect how they are not a big corporation, they make their internal decision themselves and they do really quality things," Pitt said. "You know, I just thought why not."

In 2004, Australian Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman was reportedly paid US$12 million for starring in a 180-second long TV commercial, directed by fellow Aussie Baz Luhrmann, for the luxury perfume.

Marilyn Monroe will soon front a new No.5 promotional campaign from beyond the grave.

The late screen icon famously touted the scent as her favourite fragrance.