A piece of sugar-free candy that can make you smell like roses for six hours has been developed as a substitute for deodorant.

American company Beneo has partnered with a Bulgarian confectionery creator Alpi, to come up with the tangerine-flavoured "perfume candy" called Deo.

According to the Guardian, sweet plants - like roses, vanilla and lavender - contain a compound that can't be absorbed by the body. Garlic has the same naturally occurring chemical, which is pumped out through a person's pores.

Deo sweets, which will soon be available in retail locations across the US for US$10 per tiny pastel package, have already been successfully marketed in other countries like Spain, Germany, China, Korea and Armenia.


This isn't the only edible perfume out there - there's a Dutch company called Swallowable Perfume, which is trying to develop capsules that, when ingested, will give the swallower a "genetically unique" scent. And a Japanese company came up with a chewing gum called Otoko Kaoru (rounghly translating to "man scent") but the results only lasted a couple of hours and the product was discontinued.

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