Kylie Minogue says she suffers bouts of "mini-depression" when she finishes a world tour.

Minogue's 2011 global trek, to promote her 11th studio album Aphrodite, pulled in more than US$50 million and was ranked in 21st place in a poll of the top 50 world tours.

But the Australian star says life on the road rarely has a happy ending as she is always left feeling low when the thrill of nightly performances ends - and she's now determined to slow down her hectic schedule.

"As a performer, it's go-go-go-go-go, then stop, and stay indoors and do nothing, almost have a mini-depression," she tells Britain's The Sunday Times Style magazine.


"You go from an adrenaline high of working and travelling and performing all the time, so when you stop you have this tension in your body from your adrenal glands pumping.

"[I want to] spend more time at cruising altitude... For the first time, my lungs can breathe, and I am expanding, broadening my horizons sideways, filled with new experiences, rather than just simply going forward on that treadmill. And it feels brilliant. It feels fantastic."