Herald Rating: 4/5
Address: 184 Garnet Rd, Westmere

We came here because

we'd passed by many times and finally managed to find an opportunity to devote a visit to test this cafe on a Westmere corner.

Parking was easy to find on the side roads.

We walked in and immediately thought it was small, but because it was a sunny day, many patrons were soaking up the sun at the outside tables.


The most unusual thing on the menu was green eggs and ham. Dr Seuss, are you there? This dish of free-range scrambled eggs and free-range ham comes with a green herb sauce ($19.50), so it is green in both colour and morals.

We ordered fresh fish tacos - flour tortillas with spiced fish (gurnard, this day), cheese, guacamole, pickled slaw and coriander cream with Meola salad ($19.50) - and the big breakfast, which included bacon, free-range eggs, sausages, hash brown, grilled balsamic tomatoes and portobello mushrooms ($22.50). The fish tacos were delicious and made a welcome change from the usual brunch fare and the big breakfast specialist was pleasantly satisfied with his well-presented platter too.

The service was a little slow on this busy day but came with a smile.

The coffee was just right. The hot chocolate too.

We recommend if you come here try some of the delicious-looking cabinet food. Tempting for a future visit.

Overall we thought it was worth the effort to visit Meola Kitchen and we would not hesitate to return.