There was a lot of fun going on in the kitchen as Executive Sous Chefs Andreas Reinhardt and Nick Harlich rehearsed their public demonstration at the hotel. Playing on a classic dish, Floating Islands (Italian meringue poached in hot liquid), these two decided to use liquid nitrogen to create baby "islands" for floating on the top of their shots.

This is NOT to be tried at home. Liquid nitrogen needs extremely careful storage and handling. It can burn severely.

The freezing, vaporising nitrogen "poaches" the meringue mix to a cold crunchy mouthful.

Spectacular yes, but achievable in a home kitchen, no. But you can replicate this dish by making some baby meringues in a conventional way.


Makes 20 shots

75ml Cointreau
25ml dark rum
100ml Baileys
100ml coconut milk
500ml milk
100g white chocolate
125g dark chocolate

1 Warm the Cointreau and rum and then flambe to burn off the alcohol.

2 Add the Baileys.

3 Add the coconut cream and milk. Warm the mixture on a medium heat.

4 Stir in the white and dark chocolate until smooth.

5 Pour into shot glasses or small coffee cups and top with a little meringue.