Asian adventures

Ay the end of winter, try a new twist. Fry Asian spices (garlic, shrimp paste, chillies or Indian curry-mixes), toss in small cauliflower florets and a little water and fry till softened and heated through. Or dip into tempura or beer batter (dried herbs or grated parmesan add another layer of flavour), deep fry and serve with a dipping sauce.

Spicy Salads
Marinate hot blanched florets in a white wine vinegar, olive oil and Dijon mustard dressing and let cool. Chopped shallots, capers, olives or even anchovies up the zing. Or use a tarragon-flavoured vinaigrette, and add orange segments and mixed greens.

Gratin with potatoes
Mix sinful quantities of cream and creme fraiche (or quark if you're being good) and pour over layers of sliced potatoes and cauliflower florets. Top with breadcrumbs or cheese, or simple sprigs of thyme, and bake till crispy and brown.