So, the pill for men. Maybe.

To be honest, the idea makes me a bit uneasy. At least with condoms, you can (generally) see if they break. And when you're in charge of your own contraception, you've got peace of mind. You know that you remembered to take Wednesday's pill, for instance. Or that you forgot. Either way, you know. And knowing if you're likely to pop a gurgler in nine months is quite important information.

Transferring pill duty to your partner, on the other hand, would feel like being remote-controlled. Someone else would suddenly be in charge of what happened to your insides. Whether that gurgler appeared in YOUR stomach (or not) would depend on what someone else was doing. Or forgetting to do.

Not that trust would be an issue, of course.


Ha! There is NO WAY EVER I would ever trust someone else to take the pill for me. (See, the fact I just unwittingly wrote 'for me' shows how nonsensical the concept is. Language would need to be rearranged just to accommodate it.)

Even if he had the best intentions and Tony Robbins Memory Power and was more terrified of having children than I was, just no. Because it wouldn't be his body ballooning and vomiting should he forget - and there's no better reminder to swallow that pill than thoughts of ballooning and vomiting. If you're not yet champing at the bit to balloon and vomit.

And let's face it, men wouldn't want to take the pill anyway. One of them would read about "breast tenderness" and tell the others the pill gives you double-Ds and that would be that.

But maybe one day these words will be hilariously old-fashioned. Half the iPhone pill-alarms going off will be men's and no one will blink an eye. Instead, they'll unearth this post to demonstrate how women got lumped with annoying, body-warping contraception for years - and can you believe this lady, who considered herself a feminist, thought it should stay that way? They were so afraid of progress way back in 2012; it's almost sweet.

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Would you trust your partner to take the pill? Why/why not? Do you think this type of male contraception will ever take off?