Pop sensation Justin Bieber has been spotted walking the streets of LA wearing New Zealand streetwear label, Jamstreet.

The black and white handmade basketball jersey is emblazoned with the words 'New Zealand' and the number 64. The 18-year-old has teamed the over-sized singlet with camouflage shorts, red trainers, a Bulls cap, shades and a couple of gold chains as he hangs out with his celebrity girlfriend Selena Gomez.

Check out pictures of Bieber in his Kiwi gear here.
Jamstreet co-founder and designer, Rob Fisher, said he gave the jersey to his friend, ZM radio host, Pauline Gillespie, asking her to pass it on to the pop star when she interviewed him in Auckland last month.

Watch the interview here:

"We weren't expecting him to wear it," Fisher told nzherald.co.nz.


"The guy gets given every fashion accessory you can think of. But sure enough, he woke up today and decided to put it on."

Bieber visited Auckland last month on a three-day promotional tour for his "coming of age" album, Believe. Jamstreet has only been in operation for just over a fortnight and is stoked that "one of the world's biggest stars [is] promoting New Zealand."

Jamstreet co-founder James Terry spotted the snaps online this morning. Since then the Wellington based brand has had to put in calls for emergency stock to cope with the sales.

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