While I was thinking about all those pieces of historic kitchen equipment, I remembered something else that many kitchens used to have - a fondue pot. You'll now find them in hospice and retro shops.

They are not strictly hot pots, but they are pots and you use them hot, so I thought it would be fun to add the fondue to this spread.

The secret with a fondue is to try and keep the cheese sauce smooth and fluid. Then you can dip all manner of vegetables and bread chunks into it. If the cheese gets too hot it will "seize up" so don't take it above melting point. If it does start to seize, add a little white wine or lemon juice.

I found these cheeses at the supermarket.


250g Gruyere and 250g Emmental cheese, grated.
2 tbsp cornflour and ½tsp of powdered mustard

1 Shake the grated cheese and the cornflour/mustard in a bag.

2 Rub a saucepan with a garlic clove. Heat up a cup of dry white wine (sauvignon blanc) with a tablespoon of lemon juice.

3 Simmer, add dusted cheese bit by bit, stir gently to melt.

4 Season with a pinch of nutmeg, fresh, if possible.

5 Pour into the warmed fondue pot and set on a low flame.

Serve with vegetables and bread cubes.