Sex lives of New Zealanders are among the least satisfying in the world, according to research by condom maker Durex.

One in four Kiwis reported feeling unsatisfied in the bedroom, which put the country 26th out of 36.

About 30,000 people participated in the world-wide survey, more than 500 of them from New Zealand.

The question for "overall satisfaction with sex life" was framed as: "Thinking about the physical aspects that make a good sex life, how satisfied are you overall?"


Answers drew from the responses were: somewhat satisfied, very satisfied and extremely satisfied.

Durex - which plans to release the full results of the survey on Tuesday - is urging New Zealand couples to mark the Winter Solstice on June 20 by making a date to stay in and play together.

"The longest night is about bringing New Zealand couples closer together and encouraging them to make time for one another," said Durex managing director Adonis Souloglou.

- Staff reporter