Hogging the sheets triggers the most bedtime tiffs, according to a new study.

It's also been revealed that one in ten people have considered leaving their lover because a bad night's sleep had become such a big problem.

The average couple has 167 bedtime arguments each year, mostly caused by bad sleeping habits, Medical Daily reports.

After sheet hogging, the second biggest frustration is snoring, according to the UK survey of 2000 adults, commissioned by hotel chain, Premier Inn.


One in ten couples got into a row over snoring at least a couple of times a week and half of those surveyed say they've got a snoring spouse that ends up costing them at least two hours of sleep a night.

More than half said it was the men that were noisy, though a fifth said their own heavy breathing wakes them up.

Other frustrations include letting children sleep in the marital bed, rolling on to the wrong side of the bed, being touched by cold feet during the night and leaving lights on to read.

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