From Kumfs to Karen Walker, the Girl in Stilettos, Annah Mac, shares her style tips with Viva.

You may know her as the girl in stilettos, but the most treasured item in Annah Mac's wardrobe is a pair of slippers (stylish ones, of course). The singer behind the popular song Girl in Stilettos and album Little Stranger is a fan of Topshop, Karen Walker and heels, and will be performing at the Waiheke Jazz Festival on April 6.

She tells us more about her approach to style, and that treasured pair of slippers.

My earliest fashion memory ... My youngest sister had all these beautiful dresses handed down to her from relatives or friends of my mum who loaned her things to sing in. As they got a bit too short for her I remember trying a couple on and thinking they looked great as T-shirts. This was my first radical fashion attempt ... But I always get compliments on them. I even still wear some today.

My style evolution ... At 15 I wore exactly what my friends were wearing: loads of makeup, fitted leather jackets and boots or Canterbury pants and a singlet. Today I wear jeans and cute T-shirts, but I also love to rock a great dress and heels too. And I don't wear quite so much makeup these days.


The most treasured item in my wardrobe is ... My grandma's old Kumf shoes. They were originally slippers but have the most intricate detail on the front so I wear them out heaps. Everyone always asks me where I got them from.

My favourite item of clothing is ... My Topshop cotton/leather blazer. I wear it over just a T-shirt if I'm a bit short on clothes.

The fashion designer I like to wear most is Karen Walker. The clothes suit any occasion, whether it's going to the beach, or having a night on the town with the girls.

My approach to beauty is ... Wear what you feel comfortable and great in. Don't always go with the crowd.

On my "team"... I'm lucky to work with Brad Lepper and Sky at French Revolver Studio who do my hair. The team at Karen Walker is extremely good to me too.

Latest discovery ... Homemade popcorn chicken and Rekorderlig Cider. Yum.

If I could have anyone's wardrobe it would be ... Kate Moss or Zooey Deschanel.