A leisurely brunch enjoyed with friends or family is a satisfying way to set up the day.

Seeing as we have been enjoying such lovely mild mornings lately, I thought it would be a great time to get a few friends together for brunch. There's nothing more indulgent than easing into the day with good coffee, tasty food, the papers, and friends.

Fruit is always a good starting point. Peaches are at their finest right now and are delicious when you remove the stone then spoon toasted muesli into the cavity. Look for freestone peaches because the stone is so easy to remove but, if not, Golden Queen have a gorgeous flavour and you can simply cut around the stone with the point of a sharp knife.

Place the peaches with the muesli into a baking dish and add an extra drizzle of honey. Roast until the peaches are bubbling and golden and the muesli is extra crunchy. Serve with yoghurt and a little fresh mint.

Baking eggs is a nice alternative to poaching or frying and an easy way to serve up a lot of eggs at the same time. Grease individual ramekins then line with streaky bacon or parma ham. Add a few slices of sweet tomato and a basil leaf or two before cracking in a couple of free range eggs. Top with a touch of your favourite cheese - parmesan, goat or tasty - then bake until just set. This is a good dish to serve with toasted and buttered fingers of Turkish bread.


Waffles are often thought of as a sweet option but are delicious with savoury flavours. The mix here is quick to make and quick to cook. You do, of course, need a waffle maker although there are some good pre-made brands available. These can be popped in the toaster or grilled which adds a nice smoky flavour. Avocado has a creamy richness which works well with the flavours of chilli and lemon. I have added fried eggs but this is just as delicious without. Crispy bacon can also be added or grilled chorizo, maybe smoked salmon ... whatever you fancy.

Chef's tip

With so many eggs available, buy the best you can afford. Free range or organic taste better and peace of mind is assured knowing the chooks are happier than being stuck in a cage.