Kate Buckley is a champion of the perfect vintage wardrobe.

The world is too full of stuff to buy new mass-produced products - second-hand and vintage is where it's at!" So explains the Facebook page of Dead Man Vintage, a newish boutique in Grey Lynn opened two months ago by Kate Buckley. She moved back to New Zealand last year from Los Angeles, where she sourced much of her quality stock. A long-time love of vintage clothing and a passion for "the hunt" inspired the store opening, because as Buckley explains, "Re-using and re-cycling is good for the planet ... and you can pretty much guarantee you won't see anyone else wearing the same as you."

When shopping for vintage ... I think patience and perseverance are key to finding great treasures, being prepared to dig deep and wade through loads of crap to find that one amazing item.

My best vintage purchase ... I once found a blue silk Christian Dior dress for $8 at an opshop on the Shore - those kind of finds push all my buttons and have me buzzing for days.

My style evolution ... I've been through many phases and fads with fashion. When I was younger I would go for what my friends were wearing and what was trendy, now I go for a more individual and predominantly vintage style.


The oldest, most treasured item in my wardrobe is ... A black tee with the Leaning Tower of Pisa on it in gold. I found it at an opshop and it has become just perfectly faded and ripped.

The designer that I respect the most is ... In New Zealand, Miss Crabb. I think her ranges are so exquisite and divine, and truly original.

If I could have anyone's wardrobe ... it would be Anita Pallenberg's in the late 1960s, early 1970s.

I like to shop ... At small town opshops around New Zealand and vintage stores and thrift stores overseas - the first thing I do when I get to a town or city is check them out.

My approach to beauty is ... Pretty low-maintenance really, I'm pretty stuck in my ways with products and routines. I get my hair (by my fave, Carlos at D&M) and nails done regularly, but that's mostly to force myself to stop, sit and relax for a bit.

I collect ... Lingerie. Agent Provocateur is my favourite, and ironically probably the most expensive items in my wardrobe.

My most recent purchase was ... Lonely Hearts lingerie from Ruby Boutique, and stockings from Erox (they have an amazing collection).

My favourite accessory is ... A couple of really over-the-top jewelled medallion necklaces, because they were my mum's from the 1970s and went around the world with her. I have photos of her at parties wearing them, looking amazing.


My style is ... Two parts hippie, one part rock 'n' roll and one part super-mum.

* Dead Man Vintage, 143 Williamson Ave, Grey Lynn