Four stylish men about town tell Viva what's on their wish list this spring.


Ashley is a Wellington-based fashion designer, who launched his namesake label in 1991

1. iPad 3

I've become a recent convert to Apple technology with the iPhone, and now I can't get enough of it! I'm anticipating the release of the iPad 3, it's definitely on my wish list for spring.


2. Bottega Veneta woven sneakers
This leather pair of trainers with the woven timeless trademark of Bottega Veneta really caught my eye when I was overseas recently. I didn't pick them up this time around but they are on the top of my list for my next visit to the US.

3. All Blacks scarf
I can't wait for the Rugby World Cup, I have tickets to a few of the matches around the country and am a huge fan. Not sure that I will be squeezing into one of the new rugby jerseys - while I like them, I don't have the physique of Dan Carter, so will stick with the scarf or anything All Blacks actually. Go the ABs!

4. I Huff NZ print tee
The re-release of this tee is perfect for the RWC and will give visiting fans something funky and stylish to take home as a memento of their time here. I'm anticipating the re-release of this tee and will definitely be wearing one in spring.

5. Vilebrequin boxer togs
I've always been a "budgie smuggler" wearer, it's a hangover from my water polo and swimming days. However, I'm loving the latest Vilebrequin range and will definitely be wearing these in the pool this summer.

6. Foo Fighters tickets
One of my favourite spring/summer pastimes is attending live concerts. Tickets to the Foo Fighters' Auckland show in December are top of my wish list.

John is the co-owner of new Auckland antiques store, Hawkins and Scuffell
1. Bespoke summer suit from Crane Brothers
I've lost so much weight this winter (that's a first) that all my summer suits look like my dad's. Murray, help!

2. Northland road trip
I want to get on the bike and ride through the Waipoua Forest up to the Hokianga with Mike Morgan (aka Micky Two Harleys). A mate with two Harleys - now that's a great mate. Apparently I'm too small to own one.

3. Holiday
I'd love to take my wife Bob and our daughter Pippy to our little house in the south of France and go for a spin in our old late-1970s Peugeot 505 up to the Gorge du Verdon. But we've just opened Hawkins and Scuffell so I can't get away. Maybe I could call it a necessary buying trip?


4. Great locals
Before we opened the store on Jervois Rd, we had already tried out the wonderfully friendly Buenos Aires Restaurant's woodfire grill. They deliver a fantastic platter to the shop for Friday night drinks - so well received.

Oliver is the founder of Rochfort Rees, a local wine company established in 2008
1. Yours sneakers
I love Yours sneakers and am hanging out for the new colours and shapes coming for spring.

2. Charcoal Weber
I couldn't get through the summer season without my charcoal Weber kettle - there's nothing better than having all your buddies round for a barbecue on a spring weekend.

3. The Perfect White Shirt
Nothing says "spring" more than a crisp white shirt - and every man should have the Perfect White Shirt, from One. End of story.

4. Rochfort Rees Rosé
This spring, I'm excited to be launching the 2011 Rochfort Rees rosé. So far we have a sav blanc and a pinot noir, so it'll be a nice addition going into summer.

5. Sydney
Spending some time in Sydney in spring is a must for me - with the beaches so close and amazing eateries and bars, what better place to kick off summer?

Check out The Shop, an amazing wine bar at Bondi. Meanwhile go to Elizabeth Bay for clothes and the coolest butcher shop in the world, Victor Churchill.

Drew is the co-host of Drew and Shannon Live, which airs each weekday from 4.30pm-6pm on Four
1. Harley Davidson Iron 883
I wanted this particular model the minute I laid eyes on it. The fact that I don't have it makes me incredibly sad. To make matters worse, my favourite TV show is Sons of Anarchy, a show that constantly flaunts motorbikes similar to the Iron 883, the cause of my sad face. If you're reading this and have a spare Harley that you are willing to gift me ... call me!

2. A raise
For quite some time now I've been yearning for a pay increase ... I kid, I kid. But if my boss is reading this, I'm not kidding.

3. Roland Electric Drum Kit
I've played the drums since I was a boy and my neighbours have always hated me for it. The beauty of electric drums is that they allow you to use headphones, which means you're the only person who can hear them. The Roland Electric Drums will reduce the noise level in my apartment substantially. Now all I need to do is find a way to keep the party noise down.

4. A twin
I wish I had a twin - that way I could go on twice the amount of dates. All I need now is one date ...

5. To co-star in a movie alongside Megan Fox
Not because I want to feature in a movie, but for the pure fact that apparently Megan Fox hooks up with every co-star in all her films. Both on and off screen.