How to grow it:

Coriander is an aromatic leafy herb which suits being grown in the cooler months, it is inclined to go to seed quickly when grown in the height of summer.

It can be harvested in leaf form (called cilantro) and chopped to add a signature note to finish a dish requiring the piquant strength of the fresh herb - easily recognised in Thai cuisine.

If allowed to flower and seed, the seed heads should be left on the plant to dry, then harvested on a dry day and stored for use to be ground and blended with curry spices.


This herb is easy to grow, and will self-seed if left unpicked.

Coriander requires adequate moisture and fertile soil.

What to cook with it:

Rub finely chopped cilantro together with garlic, salt and a little rice bran oil into small cuts of fish, chicken or beef and pan sear (until cooked through) for a quick meal with a Moroccan twist.