She practically lives in opshops and runs her own vintage site. Viva talks to second-hand diva Kelly Barriball.

Kelly Barriball is a young creative who calls Mt Maunganui home, a base from which she runs online vintage store Gran's Loose Change ( Barriball hand-picks each piece on the site, which includes various new designer pieces as well.

Since launching the site earlier this year, she and friend Rachelle Duffy have established The Little Big Markets, a monthly market that brings together various Mt Maunganui creatives. Oh, and if that isn't busy enough, she's also an account manager at

Barriball, a big fan of New Zealand fashion, talks us through her look.

What are your best online shopping tips?
Keep a budget in mind, it's far too easy to spend more money than planned online. It's also good to read feedback from other shoppers. This way you learn about postage (timing and costs), quality and the overall experience.

Where did your passion for vintage come from?
My grandmother. She has wowed me with her worldly style and grace for years and I have forever been "baggsing" her antique jewellery.

Who are your favourite designers?
I love to support New Zealand designers - Twenty-seven Names are a fave, as are Lonely Hearts and I'm a big fan of d-luxe jewellery.

What was the last item of clothing you bought?
I recently bought the Noir Wedges by Chaos & Harmony.

What item of clothing do you want to buy next?
I have my stepbrother's wedding in January so I need something for that - although the Lonely Hearts "Deuce" dress and the Wedding Album Dress by Twenty-seven Names that I have my eye on are probably not suitable so I guess the hunt for a summer "wedding" dress is on too.

Your favourite accessory?
My d-luxe Dreamcatcher ring, my great grandmother's cameo ring that was passed down to me on my 21st birthday and a vintage shield pendant two of my best friends bought for my most recent birthday.

Best fashion bargain?
I own an online vintage store and I live in opshops and second-hand stores - all of my buys are bargains!

Your favourite shop?
The Sass & Bide store on Oxford St, Sydney, is a fave because of the simplistic, minimalistic, beautiful interiors; Grandma Takes a Trip on Crown St in Sydney is a great example of a high-end vintage store without all the clutter; I love the changing rooms at Trelise Cooper Kids (oh to be a kid again!), but my favourite shop would have to be the ex-SPCA recycle store in Te Awamutu. I can spend hours in there sifting through clothes, china teacups, paintings and shoes.

Whose wardrobe would you most like to raid?
Model Erin Wasson for her laid-back cool, fashion editor Christine Centenera for her designer selection and blogger Rumi Neely for her shoes.

Best sartorial advice you ever had?
It's better to be over-dressed than over-looked.

Most cherished item?
My cameo ring. I am the fourth generation to own it and I will pass it down to my own daughter (here's hoping I have one) on her 21st birthday.

Favourite fashion-y movie, or fashion moment in film?
Factory Girl - more artsy than fashion-y but Sienna Miller as Edie Sedgwick is beyond amazing.

Your personal style quirk?
I am never without a hoard of jewellery, whether it's stacked bracelets, rings galore or strands of necklaces. You hear me coming before you see me.

What is your favourite decade, style-wise?
That's too hard to choose - I love the 60s for their easy, hippie style (thank you for introducing the headscarf/band - perfect for bad hair days), I love the 70s for the introduction of paisley print and maxi dresses and I love the 90s for its emphasis on denim. But I love the thought of what's to come - hopefully we start to see more organic and sustainable garments and a style we've never seen before rather than old styles being reinvented.

Best way to recycle your old clothes?
Have a swap night with friends. I get sick of my clothes so often it's a nice change to see one of my friends rocking one of my pre-loved outfits, and I get to recycle something of theirs that they no longer wear or like. Instant makeover for no cost.

How would you describe your style?
Casual, oversized, layered and grungy. I prefer winter dressing to summer (even though I love summer the season much better) because I like to dress quite heavily layered and I like to wear a lot of black.

Who is your ultimate fashion plate?
Anyone with a bit of individuality.

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
I am a bit of a planner so I decide what I am going to wear the night before - it saves so much time in the morning. But admittedly I take about 40 minutes. That includes a shower. I don't like to feel rushed in the morning.

What's in your handbag?
Lucas Pawpaw Ointment, my iPhone, business cards, my diary, scattered bobby pins, my wallet, and old receipts that float around for months before I finally throw them out.