A New Zealand wine company has become the first in the world to declare its carbon footprint for each glass.

Bottles of Mobius Marlborough sauvignon blanc - which go on sale today - will show the carbon emissions for a 125ml glass on the label.

The New Zealand Wine Company, parent company of the Mobius Marlborough brand, is the first maker to show how many grams of carbon dioxide were emitted as the wine was transported and refrigerated.

The company's marketing manager, Helen Wilkes, said the emissions initiative matched New Zealand's clean and green image and had taken two years to develop.

"The original idea came out of customer demand.

"Overseas, especially in the UK market ... they are wanting to show consumers what the carbon footprints are for each product so consumers can make a more informed choice."

The carbon footprints are calculated separately for each export market.

For example, bottles sold in New Zealand will carry a figure of 140g CO2, whereas bottles shipped to Australia will display a 190g carbon footprint.

Ms Wilkes said a sustainability consultant had helped the company work out the emissions.

Ms Wilkes predicts that carbon information will soon become as common as nutritional details on products.

A small footprint stamp will be displayed on the bottom left of the wine labels, with a small number inside the print showing the carbon emissions.

"The whole idea is when consumers are choosing their product they can make a more informed decision.

"They can choose a product which is making them feel better about what they are doing for the environment and for themselves."

The carbon footprints were added to the already established Mobius Marlborough savignon blanc, and have been certified by Britain's Carbon Trust.