Nicole Miller fitted in like a local at Fashion Week, with the American designer showing a black range.

There was a bit more urban edge than we might be used to in form fitted dresses with bondage-style strap backs, but the shredded knits and georgette layered pieces looked right at home here as did a knee-length hooded poncho.

Grey cashmere sweaters, fine chain decoration on dresses and a matte black sequin skirt were more Manhattan. So too patent panelling. Skull motifs are one of those worldwide preoccupations.

While lacing down the back of dresses usually shrieks Westie in any language, her use of this was more high fashion on a cut-out maxi.


A big crowd packed into the tent to see the V.I.P guest, who is also doing a sterling job checking out local designers at a number of shows and apparently blogging back to the States about what she sees.

It wasn't a Pamela Anderson-sized attraction, but unlike that hilarious circus last year, it was a conventional and classy fashion show.