Don't ask me what the Nom*d show was all about, it was an installation and I'm unfashionably short and turned up fashionably late for yesterday's late off-site Fashion Week show.

I could go on about it being dark and deconstructed, but that would be hackneyed cant based on previous experience.

Truth to tell I saw the top third of a few models, one of whom seemed to be waving a silver ball rhythmically from side to side under an obviously transplanted tree.

Yes, this was an installation and I was way back from the action, but conveniently near the bar so it came down to pinot gris or pinot noir.


For some people drink selection may be the big seasonal statement at Fashion Week, but usually it's a luxury tight deadlines don't provide. So good on Dunedin's finest for distracting me.

Colleagues who arrived earlier and wormed their way forward mentioned models acting up and a whip being wielded.

I must say when the crowd cleared I wondered why there was a crushed car on the stage and what I'd missed. So check out our picture gallery and see if you can figure it out.

Last year Nom*d showed a film, this year you had to be there, unless you weren't really sure why - like me.

* For more on Nom*d's installation, read Zoe Walker's take on yesterday's shows.