The 25-year-old marketing assistant did the Atkins an' />

Aimee Galbraith has tried fad diets and, despite losing weight, won't be trying them again.

The 25-year-old marketing assistant did the Atkins and lemon detox diets and described both of them as "ridiculous".

"On the Atkins diet I lost a couple of kilos over two weeks. But you can't sustain it. I was motivated because I felt like there was an instant change, but you also have to have energy to go out and have fun and you can't do that if you're not eating as much."

She managed to keep the kilos off for a little while but believed she put them back on after bingeing on the foods she was not allowed to eat while on the diet.

Galbraith said fad diets were also hard to sustain socially.

"It's not realistic to go out for dinner with friends and just eat certain foods."

She did the lemon detox diet for about a day before deciding going without all food was not for her.

Now Galbraith sticks to healthy eating and exercise and is a firm believer in slow and steady weight loss and lifestyle changes.

She walks often and is happy with her weight. "I just stick to 'everything in moderation'. Cutting out all chocolate is stupid but having a piece is fine."