You would have to have been living under a rock not to have heard that Topshop has arrived in Auckland. Fast fashion from Britain, it seems, makes many of you have a major fashion freak out.

I wrote a story in Viva breaking the news of its impending arrival a month or so ago, and never have I had such a response to a story.

I received gushing emails from girls very excited by the news, emails from many a man wanting to know if they would be getting any Topman action (they will, soon), and one email from someone who was angry that I had failed to mention Topshop's alleged sweatshop background. Say the word Topshop - cue hysteria.

The opening was delayed by a week, but the Topshop space on the top floor of The Department Store opened properly about two weeks ago.

I stayed well away on opening day - I can't stand hysterical shopping (a friend who was brave enough to venture over said that there were 10-15 minute waits for the changing rooms).

I did go over last week however, to see what all the fuss was about.

The store isn't huge, but it's a decent space - think two walls of clothes with a small lot of accessories in the middle.

The fit out is far better than another Topshop within a store that I visited recently - much like the interiors in a Karen Walker boutique, done by interior designer Katie Lockhart.

As for the clothes - I saw plenty of things that I happily would have added to my wardrobe.

A cute pair of shorts with lace pockets (none left in my size). A pair of mint green wedges. A check smock dress. A singlet embroidered with strawberries. Some military inspired jackets. And a pair of sweet little ballet flats for $45, which I ended up buying.

New stock arrives each Thursday - and this week's drop includes a pair of clogs with my name on them.

Have you been to Topshop? What did you think?