Paula Wallace may now focus her energies into creating beautiful bedlinen, but back in the 80s she was all about neon. She launched Kozmik in the late 80s, a sweatshirt label that was famous for its distinctive fluoro designs.

"It amazes me how many people still have a Kozmik outfit stashed in their wardrobe, ready to pull out for the next 80s party," says Wallace, whose passion for textiles has evolved, with the launch of Wallace Cotton with her partner, Bill, in 2006.

The bedlinen business embraces the idea of fabric changing the mood of a room, with duvets, sheets, bed skirts, cushions and more. Her passion for textiles and bedwear is reflected in her 10 favourite things.

10 Favourite Things
Traveller's trunk
I found this trunk at Romantique, an antique store in Birkenhead. I loved it so much that we are using the vintage print on it as our autumn inspiration. There was an original laundry bag inside one of the drawers, which I have sent to one of my suppliers in India to replicate and make into quilts and sleepwear. Gorgeous!

Franco/Indian style
The beautiful combination of French and Indian style we see in our visits to India. We normally stay in a French boutique hotel called Amarya Haveli in Delhi.

Recycled stuff
I have just found a T-shirt supplier in southern India who takes recycled knitted garments and makes new ranges with the yarn. Seriously cool.

Pavoni coffee machine
It's 10 years old, and still pumping out the best coffee.

Dinghy painting
Mum's dinghy painting, commissioned especially for me - and the cause of much jealousy from my siblings.

Slip covers
The perfect way to re-invent furniture; I love finding old sofas and chairs with good bones, then making slip covers from thick cotton; it is like making a new bespoke outfit. We will be adding my kind of furniture to our range next spring.

My bed
Oh boy, do I look forward to lying down at the end of each day, after all the crazy stuff that we do! My bed is a bit like a builder's house, as we are always trying out new fabrics and products, so no two pillowcases match.

Pure linen
Perfect to wear in summer, to sleep in or just to feel every now and then.

When we design or find a good stripe, my heart beats a little faster.

My candelabra
This travels with us to neighbourhood parties, photo shoots and gets dressed up for special occasions, with coloured candles, ribbons etc. It has become my good luck charm.