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The curtain call for iconic movie treats Snifters, Tangy Fruits and Sparkles has incurred the wrath of lolly lovers the nation over.

Along with Sunday double features, halftime intermissions and smoking in auditoriums, the once-popular sweets are doomed for the nostalgic movie time waste basket with Cadbury Schweppes' last batch in June.

But the decision, blamed on steadily decreasing sales, has irked many sweet-toothed fans.

One person suggested the New Zealand Warriors wear black armbands in remembrance of the Snifter during their match against Sydney City last night while an Australian fan said its demise was a "sad day indeed" on a website,

Meanwhile, feedback on the Herald's website was varied with one person labelling the decision a crime.

"I have diabetes but still buy Snifters ... leave the Snifters alone!," said "Buyerprobe" of Waitakere City.

Nicola McCloy, author of Kiwi icons made in New Zealand, predicted the demise of Tangy Fruits when movie theatres started using carpet.

"A friend of mine said to me 'what are we going to throw now, Popcorn?'."

She said the loss of all three icons at once was probably what angered New Zealanders most.

"There's so much nostalgia attached to these things. So much of going to the movies with a pot of Tangy Fruits was that you'd never get through all of them in one movie."

Cadbury spokesman Daniel Ellis said the company had "had a few calls" from customers. "The fact is they're no longer financially viable for us."

He said New Zealanders' favourite Cadbury Schweppes lollies were, in order, Jaffas, Perky Nanas, Pineapple Lumps and Pinkys.

"There was speculation that the box for Jaffas would change and we'd only be selling them out of bags.

But this is not true," he said.

The company may bring the sweets back for special runs.