Key Points:

Her style has always been influenced by music: goth, punk, rockabilly, psychobilly - Danielle Bunkall has done'em all. And right now she's got an amalgam of all of the above going on in her wardrobe.

The fledgling fashion designer is starting her own clothing label, Devel, and works at Illicit Clothing. She was one of the organisers behind the pin-up inspired fashion show at Whangamata's annual Beach Hop, a festival of vintage cars, rock'n'roll and retro.

Bunkall says she would love to always be as dressed as she was last weekend at the Beach Hop show. "I like to be really dressed up. But it's not always the most practical look for work!"

Who inspires you?

When I was a teenager I stumbled across a Tank Girl comic in a local library and from there my love of comics, their graphics, and the character of a wayward, headstrong female began. Then I found the work of the late Martin Edmond [a local graphic artist] and was blown away by the talent; finding Illicit Clothing using his artwork in their designs was also inspiring.

Who are your favourite designers?

My foremost favourite fashion designer would have to be Vivienne Westwood, mostly for her involvement in the creation of the UK punk scene in the 1970s. She's also done some gorgeous corsetry since then.

What do you wear to work?

Because I'm either standing, or operating an industrial machine all day, my workwear is all based around my fantastically rugged Doc Martens. They're the only flat shoes I own. So anything that looks good with them goes. I mainly wear men's shirts and T-shirts that I've altered into dresses, T-shirts that I've printed myself, and fishnets.

Bags or shoes?

I'm a shoe woman with a penchant for high heels. I'm on the hunt for the perfect pair of Mary Janes. The key is definitely in the shape of the heel. Heels can be pure sex. Other than my beloved Docs, I don't think flats are my thing.

Favourite place to hang out and people-watch?

I enjoy attending gigs at bars and hot rod events - the people-watching at these is just an added bonus. I grab my boyfriend's arm excitedly and point out shoes and men's shirts and jackets - I love menswear and launched my range at the Beach Hop.

What was the last item of clothing you bought?

The cutest, baby blue, 50s diner shirt from an Australian label called Sex Kitten. It has red and white gingham binding, with Sex Kitten embroidered in red on the front faux-pocket flap. I'm a sucker for contrast detailing and gingham.

How do you define the word "fashionable"?

I use the word when referring to something that has created a following, whether it is big or small. Bigger followings I refer to as "so hot right now" as per my number one favourite fashion movie [see below].

Favourite fashion-y movie?
Zoolander. Because fashion shouldn't always be taken so seriously. If you can't laugh at yourself and have fun with clothes, then it all becomes a bit boring and uninspiring.

When you were in high school you wore?

A corset and tiered skirt I made from old uniforms, and I wore it to my final school ball. See? Fun!