Feeling beautiful is a state of mind

Key Points:

Being pretty is as much a mental state as having the cute button nose and beestung mouth. Invoke the spirit of pretty with girlie lip glosses and lovely fragrances. There's more than a little innocence that goes into the look. If that's long gone, fake it. It's amazing what a pretty pink cheek will do.

1. Yves Saint Laurent Young Sexy Lovely Perfumed Body Lotion ($78 for 200ml)

To truly embrace pretty, fragrant stuff is vital. YSL's new fragrance, the appropriately-named Young Sexy Lovely fits the bill by offering soft, silky skin that smells of just-picked pear, mandarin, cherry blossom, magnolia, musk and amber.

From selected department stores and pharmacies.

2. Agent Provocateur Maitresse ($195 for 100ml eau de parfum)

This hasn't been dubbed "the scent of seduction" for nothing. There's no coquette act going on here. It's shameless and just a little bit dirty - the perfect boudoir scent. The ingredient list includes lotus petals, ylang ylang, osmanthus, jasmine and musk. Sex in a risque bottle.

From selected Farmers stores and pharmacies.

3. Clinique Patchwork Pink Blushing Blush Powder Blush ($52 for 6g)

In case you haven't guessed, this blushing blush powder blush is for the cheeks. The prettiest girls have just the right amount of rosiness about the cheeks. This checkerboard patterned blusher comes out looking a natural pink and the long-wearing colour-true formulation means the sweet maiden's blush is yours for a while.

From selected department stores and pharmacies.

4. Chanel Aquarelles Contraste Lumiere ($85 for 8g)

This is one-stop shop for pretty. Inside this brilliantly engineered compact are four glosses and two powder shadows for the eyes and lips in soft pinks and blues. Beautiful and subtle.

From selected department stores and pharmacies.

5. M.A.C Purring Tendertones ($40)

Trust M.A.C to come up with a fast-track to pretty. These new lip glosses are touted as being "sexier on the lips than balm. Silkier than gloss. More protective than naked". They're lip colours with a cutesy strawberry kiwi flavour, vitamin E and coffee seed extract to give lips the look of gloss but the feel of balm. This sheer tangerine with pearl does the perfect impersonation of coy.

From Smith & Caughey's Newmarket and M.A.C stores.