In Woman's Day you can read' />

What with tomorrow being Valentine's Day it's probably no surprise that the women's mags have an emphasis on marriage.

In Woman's Day you can read all about the pitfalls.

It features the story of Karin Doull, former wife of cricket star Simon, who tells of recovering from the heartache of her husband running off with Peggy Bourne.

Not that you would guess the story is all about her, as the cover shot is of the new happy couple.

Anyway, Karin accepted the new couple fell in love quickly and says she's over it now anyway. Her ex is a much happier, "calmer and more patient" man since he hooked up with Peggy.

They all get on and even shared a Christmas meal. Bless.

It's not all happy families for Newlyweds stars Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey though.

It seems Nick has latched on to Jessica's best friend CaCee. They were seen having a late-night kissfest in an LA nightclub.

Jessica's shocked and horrified but blames her ex-husband.

"Maybe she was really drunk and Nick took advantage," she's whinged to a friend who promptly told the media.

Another marital disaster in the waiting appears to be Madonna and Guy Ritchie.

The Material Girl is no longer wearing a wedding ring and the Day reports she has a new man waiting in the wings already.

She met him at work - he produced her latest album - and is calling him her "rock".

Speaking of rocks, serial rock wife Heather Locklear has filed divorce papers on Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora, who had been giving love a bad name with a groupie.

And to round off an edition of love disasters, the Day also exposes Harry Potter star Ralph Fiennes as a love rat. He cheated on his 61-year-old partner with a girlie half her age.

So if you want sickeningly happy, lovey-dovey yarns this week to get you into the Valentines Day mood, try the Woman's Weekly.

You just can't beat an exclusive All Black wedding and Christchurch had a goodie over Waitangi weekend when Andrew Mehrtens and Jacqueline Inder tied the knot.

This, of course, happened on a perfect day and there was lots of talk of soulmates and such like.

The first-five legend told the Weekly he was blown away by how his bride looked and how he just wanted to kiss her and how they wanted a traditional wedding and how it was the happiest day of his life and how they'll be doing lots of practising before starting a family ... yadayadayada.

No mention of what he's getting her for Valentine's Day, though.

The other big love story is, of course, the impending nuptials of Shortland Street lesbians Maia and Jay, which will screen on Valentine's night.

The Weekly offers you a chance to win Maia's pink dress; no mention of Jay's though, maybe she's keeping it.

New Idea also has a rugby wedding - but it's only Casey Laulala so it doesn't cut it for cover story. However, the pictures are much better than the Mehrtens extravaganza so that's a bonus for the happy couple.

The Idea is the best place if you are desperate for a Brangalinafer fix: it has the first-ever pictures of Brad and Ange pashing in Paris.

But their traditional nuptials seem to be off in favour of a Buddhist ceremony later this year, and Ange's lesbian lover is back in her life so Brad might be feeling a bit superfluous to requirements.

No point looking for Valentine's gift or meal ideas in the Idea or the Weekly. The mags seem to have forgotten about the big day. Or maybe they are subtly urging readers not to fall for the commercial hype.

So turn to the Day for your chocolate fondue recipe and your oyster shooters - a guaranteed aphrodisiac. Sounds like they'll probably be having those in the Mehrtens household tomorrow night.