Polish-born Liliana Guderska lives in Paris. A model, her first casting was for Clarins. She studied French language at the Sorbonne and art at Les Beaux Arts.

Guderska was in Auckland this month for the press launch of new Clarins fragrance Par Amour (on-counter in August) which she helped design the packaging for. Guderska was easy to spot - she was the only one not wearing black.

Who's your favourite fashion designer?

Stella Cadente. She's a young, Ukrainian designer. I love her femininity, her romanticism and her sparkling universe of feathers, paste and spangles.

What is your favourite accessory of the moment?

Sunglasses from the latest Thierry Mugler collection and Colour Quench Lip Balm by Clarins.

What are the staple pieces for a good wardrobe?

A black dress by Azzaro is a must-have and a scarf embroidered with feathers in bright and seducing colours.

What is the last item of clothing you bought?

A skirt by Marc Jacobs and brown velvet shoes by Chloe.

Any fashion no-nos?

Bags with brand logos which are too eye-catching. Excessive sunbathing and fast food.

What is your beauty routine?

A cold shower every morning, an hour of either jogging, swimming or in-line skating daily. I also use Clarins Body Lift, Aroma Balm Relax, Tonic Oil and an exfoliating and pro-active treatment every two weeks in the Clarins Institut.

What item of makeup would you be lost without?

I prefer a natural looking makeup which is nearly invisible but I couldn't live without Clarins Colour Tint, Eye Quatuor Palette 02, mascara and lip balm.

Who does the best handbags?


Favourite hotels?

The hotel chain W in Sydney and Montreal.

What was the last CD you bought?

The Libertines.

What was the last book you read?

Breakfast at Tiffany's by Truman Capote.

Your biggest indulgence?

Hot chocolate at Angelina's in Paris.

What inspires you?

Nature, travelling, meeting people, the cinema and books.

Have you noticed any differences in the way New Zealand women dress as opposed to European women?

New Zealand women seem to be very close to nature, in harmony with themselves. They dress comfortably by choosing noble cloth and natural colours without forgetting their femininity.