The Warriors will celebrate their Mad Monday but CEO Cameron George says the club have taken appropriate measures to prevent any potential off-field scandals.

The Warriors are returning to Auckland from Sydney today after their NRL season ended in last night's 27-12 elimination final loss to Penrith at ANZ Stadium.

The club are desperate to avoid any negative publicity after the Canterbury Bulldogs were last week ordered to pay a record $250,000 fine by the NRL after excessive Mad Monday celebrations by players and members of their coaching and football staff were widely reported.

The Bulldogs are still reeling after the fallout to the incident also cost them their decade-long $500,000 per year partnership with electronic company and major club sponsor Jaycar.


The Warriors have arranged a private venue for the team to gather and celebrate after the end of their campaign in which they won 15 of 24 regular season games.

Extra security will be on hand with club staff also assisting throughout the day and helping to ensure the players get home safely.

"The club are very well equipped and managed in terms of what we have in place so I'm very comfortable," said George.

"The most important thing is our players start from a position of trust and they're fully aware of that."

Warriors players were reminded of their responsibilities to the club and the standards of behaviour expected of them by both coach Stephen Kearney and George, in the wake of their loss to the Panthers.

Management are happy for the players to enjoy themselves after a long season while the team are also farewelling retiring 301 game veteran Simon Mannering.

"Stephen and I have both spoken to them," said George.

"It was obviously evident last week how important it is that we conduct ourselves professionally and represent our club and values and sponsors at all times.


"At the end of the day I'm very comfortable with what we have in place and I have no doubt that the boys will catch up and enjoy themselves somewhere and we'll help manage that day.

"We've got extensive security in place. We have mechanisms in place to get them home through staff, so everything's managed, but the players also know they need to take ownership of their conduct as well. But the club are doing everything we can to ensure they have a good day and they deserve it."

George is confident the players will do the right thing and says the progress that saw the Warriors make the top eight for the first time since 2011 had been driven by an improved club culture.

"There's been a lot of growth in what this club is about this year particularly through the playing group and coaching staff," he said.

"These boys didn't want to bow out in week one of the finals, they're shattered. But overall this is step one of a really good culture that's been put in place and really led by the playing group.

"And don't for one minute think that we're in a rebuilding phase or anything like that, not at all. We're in it now and that's what disappoints because we were really here to win it this year.

"There's no journey here. We're going after it every time we play. Unfortunately that won't be until next year."