The angry Warriors supporters who burnt their jerseys in protest over the side's capitulation against Penrith have gone to ground in the face of a backlash from loyal fans.

Samantha-Jayne Baran‎ created a social media firestorm when she posted a video on Facebook of two fans burning their supporter jerseys after the Warriors went from a 28-6 halftime lead over the Panthers to losing the game 30-28 on Saturday night.

"My partner and my father inlaw burnt their warriors jerseys after tonights performance" (sic) Baran posted in explaining the video.

Many fans supported the pair's protest but others turned against them, and also Baran, who sent the original post to the Veitchy on Sport Facebook page not long after the game ended.


She took it down on Sunday morning but by then the post had gone viral, evoking the ire of some Warriors fans who felt the trio had gone too far.

They labelled the burning disrespectful but others said it was their jersey and their money to do with what they wanted.

"From 28-6 ... you played like a pack of p*****," said one man in the video as he doused the jerseys with a flammable liquid.

"... Burn baby, burn. Record loss, something to be proud of."

But Baran has turned down the opportunity to explain the trio's actions.

She told the Herald the backlash had been more than they had anticipated and she didn't want to comment.

"Shows the true fans," wrote Steve Kaire Smales on Facebook. "No true fan would ever do that. I been following since 1995. I get frustrated every week i think this could be turn around. One day it will be and i will be able to say i never gave up hope. Next week fellas."

Preston Leaf wrote: "Just some attention seekers. True warriors fans stick with our boys through thick and thin. Weve snatched victory from the jaws of defeat and we have blown games but they still our team.warriors till the end. Endured the same frustrations with the chiefs and the they won a title. The warriors will do the same."


Warriors captain Roger Tuivasa-Sheck spoke about the incident to Radio Sport.

"Winning and losing is a part of the game and unfortunately we lost in a big way.

"I just feel like they are really passionate about our team and they took that loss really personally.

"I can't really say or do much about that, we've got to get ready for another game this week."