League commentator Andrew Voss has ripped into the Warriors - but he was treading lightly compared to the reaction of fans.

A club with an often sad history hit another low with a gutless 0 - 42 NRL defeat to the Storm in Melbourne, and Radio Sport callers didn't hold back.

Fox's Voss reckoned "that's a savaging from supporters I've never heard the likes of it" before dishing out criticism of his own.

"I will describe the performance in the first half - and this is a term I never use - as hopeless," said Voss, who was once the designated Warriors commentator.


"What adds to the frustration of the performance was the occasion. Every player spoken to talked about the privilege of being invited to play on (Anzac) day...in front of a big crowd in Melbourne. One team was ready to play and the other team was absolutely missing.

"They had no idea defending their line...we know the attack is there, but I've been talking about their defence all year...a side conceding over 20 points a game."

Voss, speaking from Australia, said the danger signs remained even in the Warriors' rare victories this season.

The Crowd Goes Wild Breakfast interview Andrew Voss:

"The Roosters were bottom of table and still scored four tries. Newcastle were pretty awful the day they played the Warriors but still ended up with 18 points," he said.

"Last week (against the Bulldogs) was a fighting performance, but they could have lost. Last night that fight was left across the Tasman.

"We're not talking about a whole lot of rookies here...with the playing squad the Warriors have you could put together a great career highlights package. "The senior players are nowhere near their potential. The inconsistencies aren't just week to week, they're within the 80 minutes."

Caller comments in response to the Melbourne game included.-

"We were right in that game and then they kicked off."


"Someone has to pay for it...we've had four years of not making the eight and it will soon be five."

"I supported the Warriors through thick and thin and copped so much rubbish from my workmates...last night was just gutless. I've had enough."

" (Shaun) Johnson...he's up himself."

"I'm struggling to contain myself...I spend money, I bought a membership, every home game I go down there...all we want as supporters and fans is one word - effort. I'm pissed off, disgusted."

"The bloody coach should be sacked..."

"We don't deserve this...it's just b!@@#$%^."